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audio engineering, sound design, web/graphic design, video editing, making themed things, old internet stuff, mixing fashion styles (grunge+preppy), researching obscure/stupid topics, psychology, criminology, forensic science, astrology, horror films and games, pop/rock/metal/electronic music, shoegaze/trip-hop, k-pop girl groups/soloists

deftones. my bloody valentine. fka twigs. in this moment. butcher babies. the agonist. arch enemy. lacuna coil. slayer. pantera. lamb of god. the birthday massacre. zeromancer. garbage. depeche mode. lana del rey. charli xcx. marina. sky ferreira. britney spears. rihanna. ariana grande. sunmi. loona. banks. florence + the machine. billie eilish. crystal castles. sneaker pimps. massive attack. portishead. †††. the weeknd. silversun pickups.

love exposure, perfect blue, almost famous, taxi driver, fight club, kill bill, get out, 28 weeks later, psycho, the craft, jennifer's body, clueless, heathers, josie & the pussycats

buffy the vampire slayer, veronica mars, dead like me, revenge, alias, beavis & butt-head, daria, serial experiments lain, forensic files, most shows on ID channel, mysteries of the abandoned, i love lucy, reply 1997, fresh prince, that 70's show, the simple life, the maxx

nier: automata, silent hill 1-3, resident evil 1-3, tekken, super smash bros., the last of us, tomb raider, dying light, mirror's edge, pokemon series, splatoon 2, animal crossing: new leaf

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Baby I’m sick inside
I’m definitely out of my mind
I know there’s something not quite right
Disconnect - system override
You’re so brave from your side of the glass
and you - you can’t compute - you can’t do the math
and you’re - you’re playing god with your remote control
But I - already know that there's a flaw in my code and the
the truth is you silently study me -
and there - are consequences that you cannot see
and you ask yourself how did I unplug
but the simple truth is that I just don’t give a fuck
I don’t careyou say you’re the cure
but I smell your disease
I’ve figured you out
like a rat in a cage
So come in - tie me down - try and reprogram me
please run your tests - tell me how I am malfunctioning
you cut me up sew me back together one more time
I’m not in sync, data breach - can’t bring me back online
You start to panic when you realize - you try to
shut me down when you look in my eyes no matter
how you try and rewire me
or psychoanalyze my psychology
I don’t careyou say you’re the cure
but I smell your disease
I’ve figured you out
like a rat in a cage
You put away your needles and knives
tell me do you feel satisfied
Did you get what you came here for
I can tell you still want more
Did you get everything you need
Are you finished watching me bleed
Did you think you could just walk away
Did you think I’d just let you leave
Maybe you didn’t think I would know
Maybe you didn’t think I would see
cause I’ll never give what you want
I learned the truth a long time ago
I would die before I
I don’t careDon’t tell me you’re pure
as you spread like a plague
I’ve figured it out
you’re the rat
Rat in the Cage


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